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Recent Accomplishments & Successes


Boat Shows

The MTA/NJ is continuously striving to address the needs and issues of all our members and their most important interests including boat shows.  As such, the MTA/NJ is committed to making sure that there are affordable and successful local boat shows to support our boat dealer members as well as all those that provide related goods and services.  

Environmental Regulations

The MTA/NJ has worked tirelessly to address and amend many environmental regulations that directly impact marine businesses. In early 2013, following Hurricane Sandy, the DEP adopted a number of significant rule changes for marinas to repair their facilities and conduct needed maintenance without going through a cumbersome permitting process.  In June 2014 a comprehensive rule package was proposed that included many of the amendments that the MTA/NJ has been fighting to change for years.  On June 6 2015, these positive changes were officially adopted and are the direct result of the MTA/NJ’s efforts in working with DEP leadership and staff to further promote and protect the industry and will ease the ability for marinas to obtain permits and comply with DEP regulations.

DEP Public Access Rule

The MTA/NJ worked tirelessly for over six years to provide relief for marinas forced to comply with the DEP public access rules.  This long battle successfully came to an end in November 2012 when DEP leadership responded to the Association's concerns and recognized the need to revise the state’s public-access rule to make it more reasonable using common sense and recognizing that marinas already provide access. 

Legislative Efforts

The MTA/NJ has been very active in the movement and/or opposition of many bills that have affected or would have negatively impacted the industry including the boating safety education law, abandoned vessel law, speed limits, boating restrictions, mandatory insurance and environmental legislation. Most recently, the MTA/NJ was successful in getting Sales Tax Cap Legislation, S2784, passed in both houses and signed into law by Governor Christie in December. Under this new law, the sales tax is reduced to 50% of the tax for every boat sold in NJ. This effectively makes the sales tax 3.5% across the board for boats, regardless of the price of the boat, with a cap of $20,000.

Education Scholarships

The MTA/NJ Foundation has awarded close to $20,000 in education scholarships over the last six years to students interested in furthering their education and pursuing a career in the marine trades industry. In 2014, the MTA/NJ established the MTA/NJ Family Scholarship.

Hurricane Sandy Recovery & Relief Efforts

These efforts are outlined in detail in the Overview of MTA/NJ Hurricane Sandy Recovery & Relief Efforts. Read More...

Go Boating NJ

In April 2013, the MTA/NJ launched a new campaign, Go Boating NJ.  The objective was to provide boaters throughout the Region with accurate and current information on the condition of New Jersey's waterways.


The MTA/NJ successfully lobbied for the dedication of boater registration fees to go back to the industry to support projects that improve and enhance recreational boating. The I BOAT NJ Program has provided millions of dollars for critical resources to improve the marine trades industry, much needed infrastructure improvements and it has helped to improve NJ's reputation as a boating destination. While the last few state budgets have diverted I BOAT NJ Program dollars into the Department of Transportation’s operations and maintenance fund, the MTA/NJ continues to fight to restore these critical funds.

Vessel Wash Wastewater Regulations

The MTA/NJ worked directly with the DEP to provide relief for marine businesses needing to comply with this regulation.  The MTA/NJ was responsible for a number of measures that benefit the industry.

Economic Impact Study

In April 2008, the MTA/NJ released the results of a two year effort to quantify the economic impacts of recreational boating in the State of New Jersey.   The study, the first of its kind in New Jersey, directly measured expenditures related to recreational boating and their impact on the state's economy.  The study indicated that NJ boaters spend approximately $2 billion dollars on in-state recreational boating activities.

Clean Marina Program

Without the support and perseverance of the MTA/NJ, this program would not have been developed.  To date, there are over 50 clean marinas and more becoming certified every month.  The program provides free resources and materials to pledged and certified clean marinas.


In the last five years alone, the MTA/NJ has held over 45 events ranging from casual networking events to large conferences that provide attendees with a diverse and informative schedule of presentations.  Many of these events also offer members an affordable means to promote and advertise their businesses through sponsorships.  Many of these have resulted in new sales and new business contacts for these members.

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