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Economic Impact Study

Recreational Boating Economic Impact Study for New Jersey

Spending summers on the water and enjoying all that New Jersey has to offer is a way of life for residents and visitors. Boating is a pastime that becomes part of your very being – part of one’s psyche. In New Jersey, there are 127 miles of coastline, hundreds of miles of bay-shore, many inland lakes and tributaries and 17 of 21 counties bordering on saltwater. All of these beautiful waterways and natural resources offer enriching opportunities for self-discovery, whether it’s simply enjoying the warm glow of an evening sunset on the water, fishing or enjoying water activities with children, friends and family. Recreational boating is a great way for families to spend time together and, more importantly, can be a very valuable experience for children that provides plenty of learning opportunities. Exposing children to fresh air, sunshine, marine life, and the environment offers quality bonding time for everyone involved.

In addition to providing enjoyment and amazing experiences, the recreational boating industry contributes substantially to local and state economies. The industry provides jobs in many sectors of the work force, attracts tourism, and provides tax revenues.

The economic impact of boating supports approximately 12,000 jobs and $2.2 billion dollars in spending.

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