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We've Got Your Back!

We recently asked a number of our members a simple question: What is the one thing you expect from the MTA/NJ? They answered:

  • Support and Help Members
  • Keep Members Informed
  • Provide Knowledge
  • Help with Regulatory Issues
  • Promote and Advocate for the Marine Industry
  • Watch Our Backs
  • It was the last one that resonated the most with everyone in the room and ultimately turned into the phrase at the top of this page: We’ve Got Your Back. It is the best way to describe what we do every day for marine businesses in our industry. We fight, push for and change laws and regulations. We help members obtain grants and funding to support their business operations or recover from storms like Hurricane Sandy. We provide opportunities to network, solve issues and sell products and services. We keep our members informed.

    We’ve got your back and, as a member, you will receive even more of the benefits of membership and be a part of a strong organization that is dedicated to promoting, protecting and advancing the boating industry.

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    Members - Submit Your Testimonials

    Since our members are our strongest voices, we need your help to grow the Association. We are looking for testimonials and/or examples of how membership in the MTA/NJ has benefited you and your business. Any example you can provide would go a long way in helping us raise the importance and awareness of the Association to other marine businesses.

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